All kinds pokeballs in Pokemon Go


At this time game Pokemon Go has 3 types pokeballs, but soon will appear 4th. They look all in different and different their parameters, and thus the application situation. Lets look at 3 pokeball which are already in the game:

What pokeballs are:

First list them and after that analyze on each details:

1) PokeBall (Standard Pokeball)

2) Great Ball

3) Ultra Ball

All these pokeballs of course necessary to catch Pokemon, but the moment when they should be used – different. For example, the first pokeball (red and white), is given to us at the very beginning of the game, it is suitable for the early game from 1 till 11 level. After reaching level 12, you will have a second pokeball Great Ball it will help you catch more powerful Pokémos that will often occur at this level. Well 20 level you will get the strongest pokeball- Ultra Ball. It will help you  to capture the strongest Pokémon with higher CP 500. Now analyze each pokeball for more detail:


This is a common pokeball, it is the most recognizable and has a red top, white bottom and a black band in the middle. Use it only stands to catch the weakest Pokémon, as a chance to catch them strong or rare Pokemon, it is 50% or less. Get it you can at the very beginning of the game, at level 1st, and it will be your main tool for capture Pokemon, until you get a Great Ball.


Greatball is a more advanced version of the conventional pokeball. On top of it has a blue hull with two red stripes and the bottom is pure white. With this pokeball, you have 50% more chances to catch the Pokémon than with conventional pokeball. So, the method of its application: it is used to catch a rare and powerful Pokémon with the CP 200 to 500. It is great to deal with them. You will get 20 of them on reaching level 12, and then it will become to find in pokestop with conventional pokeballs


Ultraball, at the moments, is the best from pokeball because a chance to catch him a rare and strong Pokémon with high CP increases to 90-95%. Therefore it is a key to capture the strongest Pokémon. It looks quite unusual, top-gray coating with a curved yellow stripe and below white. Get the Ultra Ball, you will be able after reaching level 20, just at this time, on your way will come across very strong Pokemon

As will appeare new 4th pokeball, we will immediately inform you, so stay with us and great catch for you.

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