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There are a lot of questions for the Eggs: Where to take them? How to  sit them? What Pokémons are hatched?  Game does not properly considered killometrs?. In all of these and others questions I will try to answer you in this article about Eggs in the game Pokemeon Go

Eggs in the game Pokemon Go can be obtained by scrolling pokestops. They frequently drop out. There are 3 types of eggs:
1) hatch after walking over a distance of 2km
2) hatch after walking a distance of 5km
3) hatch after walking over a distance of 10km

After receiving eggs in pokestops or store, click on pokeball bottom of the screen, then select an item Pokemon and select the tab with the name of Eggs. All your eggs are stored here. But beat the eggs, that’s a half work if you need to get them out Pokémon, you must perform the incubation. To do this requires special incubators.

At the beginning of the game, you are given one incubator but the less it is that at the same time it can be hatchonly one egg.  To get the others incubators, where you can hatch up to 3 eggs at a same time, you need to raise the level of your character and for do it you will get incubators. But there is a way to quickly get incubators – to buy them in the shop for game currency

Well, you got the eggs and have a starting incubator, what do you do next? It’s simple, click on the egg, choose incubator and egg begins to hatch. But the main feature here is that the incubation takes place only when you are moving at low speed (not car ).

And depending on your choice of eggs (2km, 5km, 10km) and passing all the necessary distance, you get a random Pokémon that can fall relative to your type of eggs.One advice: in the early levels, not hatched eggs at 10km because you will have cool Pokemons with a little CP.

The table of loss eggs


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