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  • Pokeradar 3.1.0 for GO


    Hello everyone, Short description: Search Pokemon on the map. This is not a map, fill users. Pokeradar – Search Pokemon in real time. Based on the hack used in phyton map. Description: Pokemon Search on the map in real time. Based on the hack used in PokemonMap application on Python. It is convenient to carry with […]

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  • Necrobot_v0.8.6 + PogoLocationFeeder.GUI_V0.1.8


    Hello everyone, Present to you by a new assembly: Necrobot_v0.8.6+ and PogoLocationFeeder.GUI_V0.1.8 from 12.08.2016 (Necrobot in conjunction with PogoLocationFeeder automatically Snipe rare Pokémon, receiving the coordinates online) Note: edit config files, specify: your Google account credentials in \ necro + pogo \ Necrobot \ Config \ auth.json “GoogleUsername”: “email google”, “GooglePassword”: “Password google”, and at least in […]

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  • PokeBuddy Bot for Pokemon Go


    PokeBuddy Boat allows you Autofarm, Autocatch, etc. The main difference between this bot from the others – it is intuitive user interface and easy setup! With “PokeBuddy Bot” you can be a success in Pokemon Go faster. This bot has the PTC / Google Account support, the ability to farm Pokestops, to catch Pokémon, receive various analyzing […]

  • Pokemon Go Config
  • Config for sorting Pokemon

    pokemon go config

    Hello everyone, Meet the the universal configuration for Nekrobot 0.8.5 Config relevant to collecting only the strongest Pokemon rank of A + for characters level 30+ … the minimum level to use the config – 25! Config for sorting Pokemon (if the parameters indicated below – changed to candy) … Config compatible with PokeSniper, feeders. […]