10 tips for game Pokemon Go


Tip number 1: Explore the nearby places.

Tip number 2: Increase the chances of a successful capture

When catching Pokemon, look at the colored circle that appears when you throw pokeball. There is a differens in the colors:
-Green Color means easy;
-Red Color is difficult.
Notice how the circle shrinks.

Tip number 3: A good coach is prepared correctly for battle

Tip number 4: Catch the best animals

Tip number 5: Pokemon Go fast result with the development of Pokémon!

Tip number 6: Follow the evolution

Tip number 7: frequently reboot

Tip number 8: and also switch AR (radar).

Tip number 9: collect all the items while going
You can press X on poketstop to collect all things around. You do not need to click on each separately.

Tip number 10: play in different places

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